Vancouver liquor retailer proposes weed store beside its Kitsilano wine business

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A company that runs a liquor store in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver is venturing into the pot business.

The business has filed an application with the City of Vancouver to open a weed store next door to its liquor shop at the corner of Burrard Street and West 8th Avenue.

The application for 2409 Burrard Street was made by Blueprint Cannabis.

“The applicant is the license holder of the private liquor license located at 2401 Burrard St. and their extensive experience in the liquor industry and understanding of vending age-controlled products will ensure the security and safety of the surrounding area,” reads the company’s operational letter to the city.

According to the letter, “this grouping of adult use would be a benefit to local businesses”.

The liquor store at 2401 Burrard Street is one of two wine shops by a firm called My Liquor Store.

The other liquor store is in the Crosstown area of the city on Abbott Street.

The proposed location of the weed shop on Burrard Street used to be the home of a printing business.

The weed shop plans to open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.