Tupac’s tips on properly rolling a blunt

Watch one of the greatest rappers of all time roll a fatty

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Reddit is once again responsible for unearthing a lost gem of Internet history. On Tuesday (April 16), a Redditor posted a minute-long clip of late rapper Tupac Shakur perched on set of bleachers, talking through the basics of blunt rolling.

How to roll a blunt - by Tupac from r/trees

Tupac’s tips:

First, ditch the grinder, scissors, and razor blades. “Split it with your fingernails,” he says. “Keep it all natural.”

When you’ve got the bud where you want it: “you got to roll it, don’t just fold it,” he says. “That’s why we got sloppy blunts.”

Finally, less is more when closing your blunt: “You don’t want to drown it, just lick it.”

And there you have it. “We got us a blunt.”

Tupac, who was shot and killed in 1996, was an outspoken “anti-violence, pro-blunt” advocate who supported cannabis liberation through the lens of harm-reduction and civil rights. He discusses his stance on legalization in the interview below.