Man kicks in window of a Vancouver cannabis information centre

A video depicting the incident was uploaded to Reddit

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A video was uploaded to Reddit depicting a visibly angery man kicking in the window of the Vancouver Education Centre on Medical Cannabis (March 10).

The footage, taken by an employee locked inside, shows a man shouting an unintelligible slur of profanity while repeatedly attempting to bust in the front doors and windows of the cannabis hub. The centre is located on Granville Street and West 6th (2231 Granville Street). 

The man stops momentarily to goad onlookers filming the incident from the sidewalk, but quickly returns to his efforts to break the glass.

Within a few minutes he manages to break through the front window, yelling to the individuals inside: “now what are you going to do?” After briefly stepping inside, he departs and the video ends.

The individual responsible for uploading the video wrote in the forum that employees called the police before filming the incident.

The full video can be seen here.

The Georgia Straight has reached out to the Vancouver Police Department for comment.