Our favourite DIY pumpkin bongs, rigs, and pipes just in time for Halloween

Happy Halloweed!

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Puffing from the gutted rind of a gourd may not be the best way to smoke pot, but it’s a pretty much become a stoner’s spooky seasonal rite of passage. In the spirit of Halloweed, we’ve gathered a few of the best homemade pumpkin rigs to hit social media this year.

Pothead Pete the Pumpkin Bong

Two homegrown Vancouverites crafted a pretty sweet pumpkin bong in honour of Halloweed. @CarlyMarley420 and @BCBudGal_, hosts of the 420 Lifestyle Show on Pot.TV, made this three-tiered pumpkin dab rig named Pothead Pete, complete with a gourd mouthpiece. As per a request from a viewer watching the show live, Pete also has a dinosaur tramp stamp to make him stand out from all the other pumpkin rigs on the scene. 

The Joint-O-Lantern

L.A.-based Insta-influencers @Trippy.Treez and @Queenncyn made a double-hitter jack-o-lantern that simultaneously pulls seven lit joints.

A well-branded bong

Moose Labs, an L.A.-based cannabis accessories, featured a branded pumpkin bong as a centre piece at their Halloween party this year. The company is known for inventing the MouthPeace—a universal silicon extension to prevent the spread of germs, STIs, and other orally transmitted diseases while sharing bongs, rigs, and other consumption devices. Moose Labs also uploaded a step-by-step instructional so you can learn how to make your own standard pumpkin bong.

Does this pumpkin make my eyes look bloodshot?

One crafty consumer got creative with paint, adding some hilariously adorable bloodshot peepers to her pumpkin bong.


@Weed.Macgyver’s creative consumption contraptions can be seen gracing the social media feeds of some of Instagram’s most famous stoners. This year, using four pumpkins, a drill, a few wooden skewers, and weed, he crafted a full-sized bong for @SilencedHippie. He also created a custom pumpkin for @Koala.Puffss with, of course, a toking koala serving as the bowl.

Petite pumpkin

Okay, so technically this teeny tiny rig was plucked from last year’s pumpkin patch, but it was just too cute not to include.

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Pumpkin rig and tinier pumpkin pendant by @biologybabeglass #pumpkin #pumpkinrig #pumpkinbong #halloween

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The Denver-based glass company MJ Arsenal is known for making bubblers and rigs that can fit in the palm of your hand. This year, they decided to create a spooky limited edition blunt bubbler to memorialize the pumpkin bong tradition. 

Happy Halloweed!