Strains with Sam: Citrus Sap

A weekly cannabis strain review column with Sam Coyes of Klr Gld Consulting

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By Sam Coyes

You’ll know this strain is a winner the first time you smell it. The aroma reminds me of what the premium Super Lemon Haze I used to grow on Vancouver Island, half a decade ago.

Although both sides of the strain’s family smell great, the sativa parent—Tangie—seems to dominate the terpene profile, while its Gorilla Glue #4 parent adds some calming effects.

Citrus Sap has a very citrusy and sweet smell comparable to the flavour of sour peach candies. These aromatic characteristics are not uncharacteristic for a top-notch sativa, however its bud structure is uncommon—this is where you really see the other side of the family, Gorilla Glue #4 (hybrid), express itself…and you’ll be happy that you do. Like GG#4, Citrus Sap produces medium sized, dense, extremely resinous buds.

Gorilla Glue #4 is an extremely potent hybrid strain that is legendary among cannabis users in North America. It is a multi-award-winning High Times Cannabis Cup winner and, although both its parents (Chocolate Diesel and Chem’s Sister) are sativa, it undeniably has some indica glue-you-to-your-chair qualities. These sedative qualities, which have been passed down to Citrus Sap, tend to create a relaxing effect and provide a nice level of anxiety relief.

On the other side of the family you have Tangie, a sativa-dominant strain known for creating an energetic, happy high. Tangie was created as an ode to the original Tangerine Dream strain. It was done by blending the classic California Orange strain and an unknown Skunk. The result, Tangie, is more sativa dominant then the original Tangerine Dream, but undeniably has a similar smell.

The uplifting Tangie, combined with the more relaxing Gorilla Glue, creates a very comfortable balance for when you want to enjoy a smoke but still stay functional enough to be social. It’s a great strain for going out for dinner, or hanging out with friends. It’ll get you a nice hybrid high, meaning you probably won’t be stuck to your chair (a common side effect of indica strains) or too in your own head (a common side effect of sativa strains). This strain is hard to find for a reason…no one wants to share!

Happy smoking!


Sam Coyes is the founder of Klr Gld Consulting, a quality certification program and consulting firm that helps producers and retailers create and maintain the top quality medical-grade cannabis products. All strains in Sam's column are available at Herbal Dispatch.