Strains with Sam: Pink Death Star

A weekly cannabis strain review column with Sam Coyes of Klr Gld Consulting

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By Sam Coyes

Pink Death Star is one of the most interesting and potent indicas you will find on the market.

It’s genetic background is extremely diverse, but in my experience it only really inherited the indica characteristics of its genetic lineage. 

On one side, you have Skunk #1—arguably one of the most classic Dutch genetics of all time, which played a big role in starting the indoor marijuana growing revolution. With genetic lineage reaching from Afghanistan to Columbia, Skunk #1’s genetic diversity is undeniable. It’s classic skunky smell has been associated with cannabis since the 70’s. Although can produce a high-energy hybrid, Skunk #1 is known for its stress relieving properties.

Skunk #1 was then crossed with the rare indica known as Black Rose—a child of Headband and Early Girl. Black Rose, like its parents, has very strong relaxing, mood-enhancing, and euphoric properties.

All this combined created the first Pink Death Start parent, known as Blood Rose.

On the other side of Pink Death Star’s family tree is Death Star—a strain that came about after crossing two world-renowned strains: Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. 

Sensi Star is a potent indica strain that growers and consumers alike have loved for years. It placed first in High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000. Its name comes from the fact that the buds are coated in sparkly trichomes that shine like stars under the right lighting.

I love this strain for it’s relaxing and sedative effects which it gets from it’s grandparent, Sour Diesel, despite the fact that is technically a sativa. It’s a true stress reliever. By crossing Chemdawg 91 with Super Skunk, Sour Diesel has reached near legendary status.

Crossing all of these phenotypes has resulted in the indica-leaning hybrid—great for stress relief and physical relaxation at the end of a long day.

Happy smoking!


Sam Coyes is the founder of Klr Gld Consulting, a quality certification program and consulting firm that helps producers and retailers create and maintain the top quality medical-grade cannabis products. All strains in Sam's column are available at Herbal Dispatch.