Celebrations, protests, and things to do to ring in cannabis legalization this October

A growing list of Vancouver-based events happening on and around the official date of cannabis legalization in Canada

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The Great White North is about to make it into the history textbooks future students will roll their weed on. On October 17, Canada will be the first G7 country to federally legalize adult-use cannabis. Many plan on celebrating the achievement, while others fear the tumultuous transition into a new regime. Whichever side of the fence you find yourself on, or if you’re looking to learn a little more about weed, there are plenty of cannabis-related events to partake in this month.

The Infused Dining Series with Special Guest Chef Joe Sasto: A cannabis-infused dinner with The Nomad Cook

Travis Petersen

When: October 11-14.

Where: Private location (details upon ticket purchase)

Chef Travis Petersen is bringing his popular infused dining series back to Vancouver.

"The Infused Dining Series returns to Vancouver for a 4th time October 11th to 14th. Special Guest Chef Joe Sasto (Bravo's Top Chef) joins Chef Travis in the 315 Kitchen collaborating on a beautiful 6 course Pacific Northwest inpsired menu infused with thc & cbd. We take up to 10 guest per seating and dose each individual seperatley based on their own tolerance level."

To find out more: Follow @The_NomadCook for updates and ShowPass for tickets.

420 Meditation: An MCRCI cannabis-friendly meditation

For those unable to attend the meditation at MCRCI, there will be a Facebook Live meditation on Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m. (PDT).
MCRCI/Infinite Life

When: Thursday, October 11 and October 25.

Where: Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre—200 - 460 Nanaimo St

Led by Terry Sidhu of Infinite Life Mediation, the Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre will be hosting two cannabis meditation sessions at their headquarters in Vancouver.

"What you need to know: Meditation is done on a donation basis. We ask participants to bring in a cash donation on the day of the meditation session. Bring a pillow/blanket/soft surface to sit on. MCRCI & Infinite Life do not provide cannabis but participants will be allowed to bring their own. There will be no smoking but vaping & edibles will be allowed."

To find out more: There are 10 spaces per session. To purchase tickets email: alana@mcrci.com using subject '420 Meditation' or tune in to a Facebook Live meditation on Oct. 17.

The Cannabis Primer—What Helping Professionals Need to Know: A seminar with Dr. Zach Walsh

Leading Edge Seminars Inc.

When: Friday, October 12. 9:00 a.m. to 4:40 p.m.

Where: Unity of Vancouver—5840 Oak Street

Tailored to guiding professionals and consultants through legalization, this workshop aims to educate and inform on the many ways to explore cannabis use.

"Understanding the new cannabis landscape will help you more successfully engage with clients by knowing how to ask about and explore cannabis use. This workshop will also help you access leading-edge research and lots of information you never learned in grad school. Dr. Zach Walsh is a Canadian psychologist and a leader in the field of cannabis and mental health. Drawing from his own research, clinical experience, and the latest empirical literature, he will discuss all you need to know about cannabis use in relation to mental health, cognition, and well-being.  You will learn about the risks and benefits for common mental health disorders, how cannabis use affects brain functioning, how to assess when cannabis use is a potential problem, and more."

To find out more: Visit Leading Edge Seminars for more info.

It’s 420 Somewhere: A cannabis colouring book launch and art show

Signe Knutson

When: Wednesday, October 17. 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Where: Cannabis Culture—307 West Hastings Street

Signe Knutson is a talented multimedia artist who has been involved with cannabis advocacy for many years. She has illustrated the portraits of a number of Canada’s most notable activists, including Jodie Emery and Mary Jane “Watermelon” Dunsdon. Now, Knutson’s work can be seen in her new 420 Cannabis Colouring Book. To launch the weedy-themed book, Knutson is hosting a legalization-themed art show and sale at the Cannabis Culture headquarters. If you’re looking for a grassroots way to spend your Wednesday, in one of the city’s most lauded consumption-friendly hotspots, you'll want to check this out.

To find out more: Check out Facebook for event details and @SigneKnutson for updates.

Legalization is a Lie: A protest at Vancouver Art Gallery

When: Wednesday, October 17. 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Where: Robson Square — 800 Robson Street

“We're re-taking the Vancouver Art Gallery as the location to protest cannabis prohibition! In early 2018, Trudeau's goons (Operation Apprentice) ended 20+ years of activism at the Art Gallery. Police attacked peaceful activists and vendors, seizing cannabis, oils, and edibles. Several charges were laid and many activists were banned from returning to the spot. We were told to "go home" and "stop protesting" because we supposedly got what we wanted — legalization. […] This isn't legalization, it's Prohibition 2.0! In Canada we have the right to gather and peacefully protest in a public place. On October 17th, "legalization day", let's meet at our traditional protest spot and voice our thoughts about Bill C45. Bring your signs, flags, cameras, and, of course, your joints!”

To find out more: Check out the event on Facebook.

Legalization Day at Victoria Legislature: A rally in Victoria, B.C.

Sensible B.C.

When: Wednesday, October 17. 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Where: B.C. Legislature Building—501 Belleville St, Victoria

Sensible B.C. will hold a peaceful protest in light of B.C.'s new weed laws. The gathering will be hosted by cannabis activist Dana Larsen, who announced on Twitter that he will be ready to welcome fellow protesters with hundreds of joints and a display of cannabis plants.

"Let's gather at the Victoria Legislature to celebrate 4:20 on legalization day...and to protest the silly anti-cannabis laws passed by the BC NDP and Green parties!"

To find out more: Follow @DanaLarsen and check out the event on Facebook.

Legally GreenThe Little Book of Cannabis: Amanda Siebert’s book launch

Amanda Siebert

When: Saturday, October 20.

Where: TBA 

Award-winning journalist Amanda Siebert and Greystone Books invite you to celebrate the launch of her first book - The Little Book of Cannabis: How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life. Hosted by Blum & Grow, there will be door prizes, a meet-and-greet with the author, and a book signing. All ticket proceeds will go to Cannabis Amnesty—a volunteer-led organization working to reduce and expunge minor drug-related convictions now considered legal in the new era of cannabis regulation.

“In this fun, illuminating book, Vancouver-based cannabis journalist Amanda Siebert delves deep into the latest research to separate cannabis fact from fiction, revealing ten evidence-based ways this potent little plant can help make your life better, from improving sleep and managing pain to siding up the bedroom and slowing the aging process. She speaks with some of the world’s top researchers, medical professionals, and consultants, and offers practical advice for enjoying the benefits of cannabis, infusing easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for consumption and dosage.”

To find out more: Visit the official website for more on the book and follow @AmandaSebiert for event details.

Mary Janes—Women of Cannabis: A documentary screening

Mary Janes

When: Wednesday, October 24. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Where: Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre—515 West Hastings Street.

The Georgia Straight presents the first Canadian screening of Mary Janes: Women of Cannabis, a documentary highlighting the role of women in the cannabis liberation movement and future of the industry. Hosted in the beautiful waterfront SFU campus in the Harbour Centre, the documentary shines light on the potential and importance of women-led cannabis businesses. A panel of Canada’s leading weed ladies will kick off the screening.

“Join filmmaker Windy Borman as she explores the movement to end marijuana prohibition, her own relationship to the plant, and the stereotypes surrounding it. Through a series of empowering and educational interviews with a broad diversity of women leading the industry today, Windy’s own assumptions are transformed as she discovers cannabis liberation intersects with the most urgent social justice issues of our time. She learns how this green revolution has big effects on environmental sustainability, ending the War on Drugs and the Prison-Industrial Complex, and the destructive domination of Big Pharma.”

To find out more: Visit the Mary Janes website for more on the film and Eventbrite for tickets.

Legalization—One week in: A panel of experts reflect on the federal changes to cannabis policy


When: Monday, October 22 and Thursday, October 25. 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Where: Camosun College—3100 Foul Bay Road (Oct. 22) and Wilson School of Design at KPU—5600 Kwantlen Street (Oct. 25)

Just one week after the federal legalization of cannabis, the  B.C. Independent Cannabis Association is set to host two panels of industry experts to discuss the historic changes taking place in British Columbia.

"After 5 days of legalization, the industry's best experts gather to talk about the situation. Speakers include: Alexander Robb (General Manager at Trees Dispensary), Sarah Campbell (Director at Craft Cannabis Association of BC), and Kyp Rowe (Director of Operations at Choom Holdings). Or, on the 25th, join the BC Independent Cannabis Association for a night of discussion on the progress of legalization in our province. Speakers include: Jamie Shaw (Partner at Groundwork Consulting), Andrea Dobbs (Co-Founder and Brand Manager at The Village Bloomery cannabis dispensary), and Dori Dempster (the Executive Director at Vancouver Dispensary Society)."

To find out more: Check out the events on Facebook (Oct. 22 and Oct. 25). 

420 Halloween Farmer’s Market: A grassroots gathering

When: Saturday, October 27. 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Where: Thornton Park—1166 Main Street

Hosted by Amy's Baked Treats and The Rad Scientist Topicals, this event is reminiscent of the 420 and Cannabis Day festivities traditionally held at the Vancouver Art Gallery. If you’re in the mood for a Halloweedy consumption-friendly event with tones of mom n’ pop vendors, this is the place to be.

“Join us on Oct 27th, for the 1st annual Halloween 420 farmers market at Thornton Park in Vancouver, B.C. In previous years, the event took place at the Vancouver art gallery. Lets keep the tradition going.”

To find out more: Check out the event on Facebook.