Toronto company receives thousands of applications for cannabis connoisseur position

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to smoke AHLOT of weed

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It pays to be a pothead—$600 a month, to be exact.

Toronto-based “curation” agency Ahlot is looking to hire five expert cannabis connoisseurs. As of today (Sept. 21), there have been over 8,000 applications.

The company is putting together a Cannabis Curation Committee (CCC) to sample a selection of Canadian strains. And they want you to know: it is a real job.

The tasting task force will try a variety of strains from the country’s top licensed cannabis producers (LP), report their findings, and act as a brand ambassador. The favourite phenotypes will go into Ahlot’s Cannabis Collections series—sample packs of different LP weed available for purchase after legalization.

The job application says all it takes to be considered for the position is a “self-avowed interest in cannabis together with the ability to distinguish the often nuanced characteristics of different strains.” Applicants must also be 19 or older.

The part-time strain sampler position sounds like a dream job for any cannabis lover—no set schedule, $50 an hour for no more than 12 hours a month, free weed, expenses covered, and the dankest job title ever. CCC members will also attend industry events, post reviews, and share their experience on social media.

While the 12-month contract may in fact be a real job, the whole concept doubles as a brilliant marketing scheme with the main function of the committee being to bolster product sales and draw attention to the LPs who team up with the “cannabis curation company”. And it’s working. In a matter of days, the post went viral on social media. The company tweeted today that they have received over 8,000 applications.

To weed out any pot-pilfering imposters, hopefuls are tested on their basic cannabis knowledge during the application process, including a few easily Googleable multiple choice questions on strain identification and bud structure.

Chronnoisseurs, weedthorities, and bud brains have until Oct. 17 (clever) to apply.