Canadian Armed Forces will impose severe restrictions on use of legal cannabis by members

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A new Defence Administrative Order and Directive has established a "framework for the responsible use of cannabis" by members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

However, this "responsible use" is curtailed or even prohibited for a long list of reasons once weed becomes legal on October 17.

According to the order and directive, military personnel are banned from consuming cannabis for:

* their entire working day or shift;

* any time they're on a domestic operation, exercise, or collective training, other than any period of authorized leave;

* during the entire time they're serving on an international exercise or collective training, apart from during periods of authorized leave in Canada;

* during the entire period they're in or on a vessel, vehicle, or aircraft, either military or civilian, operated by or in support of the Department of National Defence or the Canadian Armed Forces;

* at any time they're on training for basic military qualification or basic military officer qualification and are restricted from taking leave;

* during any time they're involved in an international operation or OUTCAN posting, apart from during authorized leaves in Canada;

* eight hours before any known or expected duty;

* 24 hours before operating or handling a loaded weapon, ammunition, explosive ordnance, or explosive;

* 24 hours before operating or handling a weapon system;

* 24 hours before parachuting, rappelling, or fast-roping activities;

* 24 hours before maintenance or packing of parachuting, rappelling, or fast-roping equipment;

*24 hours before a scheduled base emergency-response duty, including firefighting or medical first-response by military police;

* 24 hours before a scheduled operational exercise or collective training;

* 24 hours before operation of a wheeled or tracked vehicle, or mobile support equipment;

* 24 hours before servicing, loading, testing, or involvement in maintaining a military aircraft or a component of a military aircraft;

* 24 hours before training as a candidate for basic military qualification or basic military officer qualification when not restricted from leave;

* and 24 hours before operation of lasers of certain classes.

In addition, there are 28-day prohibitions on the consumption of cannabis before anyone operates in a hyperbaric environment, engages in high-altitude parachuting, serves as a crew member on a military aircraft, controls or directs an aerospace platform, and operates an unmanned aerial system.

In effect, these rules will prevent members of the Canadian Armed Forces from enjoying cannabis before joining any Pride parade in the country should they be riding on a float in the service of the Department of National Defence.