Strains with Sam: U.K. Cheese

A weekly cannabis strain review column with Sam Coyes of Klr Gld Consulting.

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 By Sam Coyes


As the name suggests, U.K. Cheese genetics did originate in the United Kingdom, but over the last 20 years this strain has become a classic B.C. sativa.


It was first cultivated by a British growers collective in the 90s. Its lineage is theoretically the same as Skunk #1 in that it has the same parents, but is considered more of a close sibling in that it has a slightly different look, smell, and taste. Over the next few years, through the global network of cannabis farmers, this strain eventually made its way to some very talented Vancouver Island growers where it was developed and raised into the now highly sought after B.C. sativa that we know and love today. 


Personally, this was an easy choice to kick off my first Straight strain review column with as it is one of the best all around daytime strains. It boasts a magical balance of the classic sativa energetic uplifting high without any of the anxiety or paranoia. It is also surprisingly good for pain management, especially if you’re in search of something functional for daytime level of functionality. It is the perfect strain for getting away with being pleasantly stoned, without actually looking and acting like a burnout stoner…or at least that would be true if every little bud of this strain didn’t make everywhere smell like a fancy parmesan cheese factory.


Fair warning: This stuff truly does smell like its namesake: Cheese.


Other then maybe some strains of Kush, it is hard to think of any genetic with a more distinctive, and polarizing, smell and terpine profile. Love it or hate it, this strain has a pungent odour. My Londoner friends have said the unmistakable parmesan essence wafting off this strain is reminiscent of the premium, top-shelf bud they found on the streets of their city. So, while some strains can come with attractive yet slightly fudged origin stories, I do believe there is a lot of truth to this name and the history behind its lineage.


Now, since making its way over the Atlantic Ocean, U.K. Cheese has become a consumer favourite in the Great White North, as well. It’s even chalked up some serious accolades. Last year, at Lift Toronto, it took home bronze in the “Best Sativa Flower” category. Renowned extract maker Heratio Delbert also made a limonene hash oil (LHO) extract out of this strain that came first in the “Best Sativa Extract” category at Lift, as well. 


Overall, as long as you can handle the powerful smell, it is hard to imagine a more enjoyable and functional strain then the U.K. Cheese. You’re in for a classic sativa high that will carry you through a large chunk of your weekend errands or social demands. Whether or not it's a good thing that it smells like its name is a matter of opinion. Even after smoking a bunch of this bud, I still have yet to decide for myself. 


Happy smoking!


Sam Coyes is the founder of Klr Gld Consulting, a quality certification program and consulting firm that helps producers and retailers create and maintain the top quality medical-grade cannabis products.